The area of Kaszubia in northern Poland is best known for the beautiful countryside, diverse cultural heritage and its own Kaszubian language. It is also a source for specialist garment manufacture, known for high quality workmanship at competitive prices. The factory is set in the picturesque village of Stara Huta and provides a Cut, Make and Trim manufacturing service to the garment fashion industry in both woven and knitted fabrics.



Sangar has been manufacturing quality shirts in Estonia since 1956. There is a man with a vision behind this success story. Jüri Kraft became director of the factory at the age of 28 and firmly guided it through tough times. He did it with the help of commitment, skills and traditions. Kraft’s vision of Sangar was well through and he looked to the future instead of attempting to earn a quick profit.



We produce our knitwear with this famnily owned factory in Slovenia. They deliver great quality garments using italian yarns.



Laro Shoes Inc. is a traditional, family run company that has been growing and advancing since 1971. Today it has advanced means and facilities and a team of over 30 employees.