Established in 1880, British Millerain is the world's premier manufacturer of waxed cotton. Our range of textiles has been developed through more than a century of refinement and testing, using skills handed down through generations. Today, British Millerain is a major global supplier of performance textiles for commercial and military applications.



The best of British fabric makers have worked in the Yorkshire hills for Brisbane Moss, manufacturers of top class cloth. In an area which was the birthplace of fine fabrics, four generations of artisans, often from the same families, have helped keep Brisbane Moss at the very peak of the quality fabric business.



With over 230 years of experience in textiles, the Hainsworth family has true provenance and a unsurpassed heritage, manufacturing many of the fabrics that represent the iconic garments and interiors of the British Empire.



Brennet AG is a German manufacturer established in 1888 specialised in  colorful woven fabrics and piece-dyed clothing, bed linen and workwear. It is a family-owned business based in military Brennet, Waldshut, Baden-Württemberg. Brennet AG is a fully integrated textile company that performs every  production step, from yarn to the finished fabric.



Alcantara S.p.A. is the company that manufactures and markets worldwide the homonymous material under the registered trademark Alcantara. Renowned for its unique and proprietary technology, over the years the company has developed prestigious collaborations with global luxury brand partners who choose Alcantara material for their creations in the fields of fashion, interior, automotive, yachting, aviation and consumer electronics.